For the Love of Grow Genetics Old school Landrace Wellness

as nature intended.


Passion. Purity. Precision.

RVG prioritizes the selection and breeding of Landrace and Heirloom Cannabis strains to create a unique product that offers consumers the opportunity to experience the whole plant profile, as nature intended.

For the Love of Grow

Why Genetics Matter

Purebred strains serve as the foundational building blocks, much like primary colors, in the process of creating innovative hybrid varieties. Just as the combination of red and blue produces the vibrant hue of purple, hybrid strains undergo a transformative fusion that renders them incapable of returning to their original purebred state. Preserving these invaluable landrace strains becomes paramount in facilitating ongoing evolution and the cultivation of robust hybrids, ensuring a rich and diverse future of plant breeding.


Michael Kudrewicz,
Lead Cultivator


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