Experience Cannabis in a New Light


Embrace the power of lower THC cultivars with exceptional terpene profiles, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Discover a high that is refined, nuanced, and truly elevating. It’s time to redefine what getting high means to you.

The whole plant,
as nature intended.

Embrace a gentle approach for an elevated, lasting experience. With lower THC and robust terpenes, find delight in delicate flavors, nuanced effects, and profound satisfaction. Uncover the subtle side of cannabis and unlock a world of joy.

Craft Your Journey:

Embrace the art of selecting cannabis that resonates with your desired experience. Opt for strains that boast a diverse terpene profile, enhancing the therapeutic potential and the nuanced nature of your high. Let the journey be a blend of chemistry and culture, elevating your appreciation for this remarkable plant.

Genetics Matter:

High THC percentages in overly-hybridized strains might offer a quick ride, but they often lack the staying power and complexity that make cannabis truly magical. Strains with a balance of cannabinoids and terpenes offer a more nuanced, well-rounded experience that lingers, unfolds, and invites you to explore its many facets.

Join the Movement:

#MoreThanTHC is more than a campaign—it’s a movement that empowers you to see cannabis in a new light. Let’s break free from the confines of numbers and percentages and embrace the multifaceted world of cannabis that invites you to engage, experience, and explore.

Our carefully selected genetics guarantee a robust terpene profile

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