For the Love of Grow

At Ravens View Genetics, our legacy as dedicated growers and breeders of rare landrace strains of cannabis spans over 22 years. In 2015, the sudden loss of our vibrant and deeply spiritual daughter, Nina Keona, left us searching for meaning and purpose. Through a medium, Nina conveyed a message to her father Michael: “when you see the black bird, it is me, coming to you”. This inspired us to create a cannabis business that honored Nina’s passion for holistic health and her love for the plant. Thus, Ravens View Genetics was born, guided by the wisdom of nature’s pure heirloom genetics and Nina’s spirit as our Raven watching over us.

RVG’s mission is to provide an experience of the plant in its full-bodied nature with a rich cannabinoid profile, offering a unique experience unlike the overly hybridized, solely THC-focused strains. A passion for delivering the plant as it was intended, and paying homage to the regions around the World and the growers that shaped the evolution of these Landrace strains, guides RVG to share its love for the plant with those who seek to experience it.
RVG is rooted in a respect for not only the plant, but also for its surrounding environment. Showing a strong commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, these values are tangible in every aspect of its operations, from the selection of strains to the cultivation inputs and processes, the choice of whole and healthy ingredients for edibles, and the conscientious packaging selections. This holistic commitment to purity is evident across all RVG offerings, in order to deliver a final product experience curated especially for the discerning consumer.
With years of dedicated Cannabis research and development, Ravens View Genetics has honed their craft in cultivating premium Cannabis strains. By studying and strategically applying various cultivation techniques in both indoor and outdoor settings, and with a commitment to serving the inherent nature and heritage of the plant, RVG has found remarkable success with growing Heirloom and Landrace strains. RVG's precision in cultivation allows them to intentionally curate the entourage effect of each cultivar, crafting the aroma, terpenes, cannabinoids, taste, and effect to deliver an unparalleled experience.


Joann Kudrewicz


As a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the tightly regulated healthcare industry, Joann brings a wealth of expertise to Ravens View Genetics in the ever-evolving Cannabis industry. Joann’s commitment to developing a positive corporate culture allows her to invest in the growth and success of her team. Her dedication is reflected in the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. With her deep respect for regulation and a passion for innovation, Joann is a driving force behind RVG’s success.

Michael Kudrewicz


As the Lead Cultivator at Ravens View Genetics, Michael brings a wealth of experience and intuition to the company’s approach to Cannabis cultivation. Michael’s deep commitment to preserving pure Landrace Genetics differentiates RVG’s products and sets him apart. Michael has also developed a unique program to optimize the grow environment, preemptively responding to the plant’s needs to ensure the entourage effect of the whole plant profile is achieved, resulting in an end product that excels in aroma, bag appeal, terpenes, cannabinoids, taste, affect, and longevity.

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